In October 2007, Julie B. Beck, president of the Latter-day Saint women's organization, the Relief Society, gave a speech in the semiannual worldwide General Conference titled “Mothers Who Know.” Beck's focus on LDS families, and more particularly on the role and influence of mothers, is a subject close to our hearts.

Who are we? We are women who differ in age, income, race/ethnicity, and marital status. Many of us are mothers, some with exceptionally large families. Some of us are grandmothers and great-grandmothers many times over. Some are young mothers, with infants and elementary-age children. Others of us—for reasons of biology, opportunity, or choice—do not have children. Some of us have never married. Some of us are single because of divorce, widowhood, choice, or limited opportunity. A few of us have been with the same partner more than 50 years. We all work—paid or unpaid, both inside and outside our homes. We share many decades of church service among us. In fact, our LDS background is our common denominator.

Several ideas within the body of President Beck's talk conflict with our inspiration and experience. We are authors of our own lives, and this is the story we know to be true:

What Women Know

Fathers as well as mothers, men as well as women, are called to nurture. Nurturing is not confined to mothering or housekeeping, but is a universal attribute that communicates patience, peacefulness, and care.

Individuals and relationships flourish when we are able to share not only our strengths but also our mutual imperfections and needs. It is difficult to be compassionate with ourselves and others when we internalize injunctions to perform (e.g., “the highest-performing sister missionary,” “the best homemaker in the world,” “the most patient and loving mother”). Motherhood and sisterhood cannot be reduced to the performance of narrowly-prescribed tasks, but emerge from who we know ourselves to be.

Cleanliness depends upon access to resources and has more to do with priorities than purity of heart. We do not place the additional burden of “outward appearances” on our sisters who are hauling fuel and water long distances; who are struggling with poverty, isolation, or ill health; or who choose values that take precedence over orderly living quarters and polished looks.

Housework is something that grownups do and that children learn by example and instruction. Unfortunately, women and girls still perform the bulk of the world's low-paid and unpaid labor, including housework—often at the expense of their own education, leadership, creativity, health, and well-being. Men and boys who share care-work and household responsibilities make it possible for all family members to live happier, more fulfilling lives.

We reverence the responsibility to choose how, when, and whether we become parents. Many of us have adoptive and foster children and grandchildren from diverse ethnicities and cultures. We have given birth to children who range widely on every dimension—from personality, appearance, and sexual identity to physical, social, and mental ability. No matter what their differences, we care for them all.

Effective parenting is a learned behavior, and, as parents, we learn and grow with each child.
Children come with their own gifts, challenges, and freedom of choice. We reject teachings that encourage women to shoulder ultimate responsibility for every aspect of child-rearing and family life, and to take on shame and guilt when things do not go according to plan.

The choice to have children does not rule out other avenues of influence and power.
By valuing ourselves as lifelong achievers, apart from our roles as mothers, friends, partners, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers, we stand for creativity, public service, competence, and growth. We take joy in the collective contributions we make in the fields of government, medicine, academia, law, journalism, human services, business, art, health care advocacy, music, technology, child development, and science.

When it comes to employment, most women prefer the luxury of choice to the limitations of necessity. Women-friendly policies such as flex-time and comparable pay for women and men, access to health care, family leave for births and care-work, and affordable, high-quality childcare give all of us—single or partnered, impoverished or privileged—greater choice in how to support ourselves and our families.

We work because we want to; because we need to; and because we have no other choice. We know that “children are more important than possessions, position, and prestige.” Some of us have been thrust into the position of sole economic support of our children through desertion, divorce, domestic violence, or death. Indeed, too many of us have learned that we are just one fully-employed male away from poverty.

Men are our fathers, sons, brothers, partners, lovers, and friends. Many of them also struggle within a system that equates leadership with hierarchy and domination. We distrust separate-but-equal rhetoric; anyone who is regularly reminded that she is “equally important” is probably not.
Partnership is illusory without equal decision-making power.

We have discovered that healthy relationships are equitable relationships. A relationship that is balanced in terms of economic and emotional power is safer and more resilient than a relationship in which one partner holds most or all of the power. Women with active support networks and marketable skills have greater options, not only in relationships, but in life.

We claim the life-affirming powers of spirit and wisdom, and reject the glorification of violence in all its forms. We are filled with unutterable sadness by the Book of Mormon story of more than 2,000 young soldiers whose mothers teach them that faith in God will preserve them in battles in which they kill other mothers' children. This is not a success story. It is a story of the failure of human relationships and the horrors of war. In a world that has grown increasingly violent, we believe that one of the most important passages in LDS scripture is D&C 98:16: “Therefore, renounce war and proclaim peace. . . .”

Our roles as mothers, sisters, daughters, partners, and friends are just a few of the many parts we will play in the course of our lives. We may influence hundreds, perhaps thousands of lives. But we are not our roles. We are created in the image of the divine—people of worth in our own right, in our choices, in our individuality, and in our belief that the life story we are ultimately responsible for is our own.

Please consider joining with us in affirmation by sending an email (whatwomenknow@gmail.com) to add your name to the list:

Cheryl McGuire, Livonia, MI
Wendy Reynolds, Kenmore, WA
Loralie Pallotta, Hesperia, CA
Kay Gaisford, Gilbert, AZ
Becky Reid Linford, Chantilly, VA
Karen Besselievre, Columbus OH
Gloria Manning-Smee, Castlegar, BC, Canada
Polly Driver Smith, Mead, CO
Sue Emmett, Portland, OR
Sarah Allred, Drexel Hill, PA
Mary Ellen Robertson, McAllen, TX
Marta Adair, Lindon, UT
Sylvia Cabus, Washington, DC
Lorie Winder, Los Angeles, CA
Kristy Benton, Gilbert, AZ
Vickie Stewart Eastman, Salt Lake City, UT
Laura Compton, Cupertino, CA
Caroline Kline, Irvine, CA
RevaBeth Russell, Springville, UT
Patricia Kaye, Terre Haute, IN
Carole C. Reid, North Yorkshire, England
Jinelle Monk, Alexandria, VA
Nancy Watts, Denver, CO
Michelle Stannert, Ozark, MO
Nanette Duryea Martin, Salem, OR
Shar Hellie, Gaithersburg, MD
Kristin Cottle, Kennewick, WA
Kathleen Jones, Portland, OR
Michelle Hampton, Glendale, AZ
Allison Hays, Mill Creek, WA
Leslie Gacad, Fresno, CA
Susan Paxman Hatch, La Grange, IL
Stephanie Stevens, Littleton, CO
Ann Porter, Slidell, LA
Jennifer Gardner, Sanger, CA
Mary Lythgoe Bradford, Leesburg, VA
Janice Farnsworth, Northern Mexico
Katrina Ramsey, Portland, OR
Nadine Hansen, Cedar City, UT
Cyndalea C. Pett, Fairbanks, AK
Deborah Austin Stolworthy, Phoenix, AZ
Pam Harrison, Roy, UT
Karen Rosenbaum, Kensington, CA
Kathleen S. Pearce, Salt Lake City, UT
Jeni Grossman, Gilbert, AZ
Hannah Merola, West Haven, UT
Caroleen S. L. Williams, Coronado, CA
Krys Corbett, Palo Alto, CA
Donna Shea Jones-Hard, Denton, TX
Kelly Nielsen, Statesboro, GA
Wendy Phillips, Ogden, UT
Arrianne Wrigley, Sultan, WA
Marie Brian, Woodland Hills UT
Lisa Fahey, San Francisco, CA
Lisa Frank, Billings, MT
Dana Hawkins, St. Petersburg, FL
Kathryn Loosli Pritchett, Piedmont, CA
Lori Crandall, Auckland, New Zealand
Tracy Allen, Erie, PA
Kimberley Hunter, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Denise Lott, Sierra Vista, AZ
Charlene D. Luke, Tallahassee, FL
Aimee Benton, Chandler, AZ
Jessica M. Klimek Alexander, Austin, TX
Holly R. Allred, Mesa, AZ
Dawn Anderson, Rexburg, ID
Michelle Anderson, Columbia, SC
Syhalla Bales, Salt Lake City UT
Evelina Becker, Littleton, CO
Ann Taylor Binning, Piedmont, CA
Jean Brodie, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
Amanda Butler, Salt Lake City, UT
Brenda Carter, Redmond, WA
Carol Christensen, Antioch, CA
Elisabeth Cohen, Winston-Salem, NC
Heather Crespin, Franklin, VT
Cindy Cullings, Chandler, AZ
Amanda Leigh Davis, Provo, UT
JoAnn M. Davis, Albuquerque, NM
Kally Donaldson-Evans, Huntsville, TX
Andee Joy Duncan, Providence, UT
Emily Updegraff, Evanston, IL
Carol Yearsley, Ocean Grove, NJ
Julie Asplund, Simi Valley, CA
Lorie Badali, Layton, UT
Sarah Wilson Beckham, New Haven, CT
Margie Brown, Grapeland, TX
Jennifer Buhman, Chicago, IL
Lori Bunker, Cedar City, UT
Angie Bush, Sandy, UT
Becky Campbell, Rexburg, ID
Natasha Cleveland, Ashburn, VA
Jo Daniel, Nelson, VA
Jacquie Darmanin, White Rock, BC, Canada
Jaimee Eckert-Griffin, Washington, DC
Julie Edwards, Greeley, CO
Brenda Goates, Denver, CO
Denise Greaves, San Jose, CA
Dana C. Heinzelman, Salem, OR
Lori Hill, Colorado Springs, CO
Karin Kissane, Denver, CO
Dale Knight, American Canyon, CA
Lisa Lambert, Provo, UT
Michelle Martin, Pittsburgh, PA
Natalie Ainge, Lehi, UT
Tuesday Allred, Salt Lake City, UT
Mandy Andersen, Portland, OR
Shana C. Baker, Nampa, ID
Yvonne Baker, South Jordan, UT
Jane Barker, Salt Lake City, UT
Barbara P. Bassett, Orem, UT
Alyson L. Bolles, Underwood, WA
Susan Sutton Borg, Orem, UT
Lianne Y. Bremer, Orem, UT
Jennifer L. Burrell, Portland, OR
Angela Combs, Benton City, WA
Tara Cottle, Layton, UT
Carolyn Dailey, Riverton, UT
Kathy C. Dansie, Winchester, VA
Barbara Daughtry, West Jordan, UT
Alison Dearden, San Diego, CA
Linda Wilcox DeSimone, Park City, UT
Robin L. DeSpain, Provo, UT
Vickie Duncan, Dugway, UT
Dorothy Echeverria, Orem, UT
Chrissy Ellsworth, Bellingham, WA
Rebecca Ellsworth, Princeon, NJ
Erika Swensen Field, St. George, UT
Bonnie Peterson Flint, Fruit Heights, UT
Sue Swaner, Salt Lake City, UT
JoAnn Thomas, Holladay, UT
Meghan Timmerman, West Des Moines, IA
Cathy Upstill, Orem, UT
Cherie Merrell West, Salt Lake City, UT
Cheryl Young, Ivins, UT
Ereita Zimmerman, Roy, UT
Kristi Young, Alpine, UT
Christy Benson, Salt Lake City, UT
Michelle Shaw, Idaho Falls, ID
Tatiana Indrisek, Queen Creek, AZ
Cheri Stoker, WA
Susan H. Berckman-Mauriucci-Johannsen, Minneapolis MN
Anna K. Leavitt, Ann Arbor, MI
Fran Ottewell, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Debbie Cullimore, Pleasant Grove, UT
Sally Grigg, Moses Lake, WA
Shannon Weber, San Francisco, CA
Jenny L. Peterson, Park City, UT
Erin Robinson Mendenhall, Salt Lake City, UT
Aubrey Ridd, Salt Lake City, UT
Linda K. Spencer-Arnold, Orem, UT
Carol Ann Lloyd, Burke, VA
Jessica Christensen, Boise, ID
Katharine Dalton, Salt Lake City, UT
Lauren Halverson Diaz, Bellevue, WA
Donna Nagel, Boise, ID
Alicia Schmidt, Yorba Linda, CA
Karen Morganson, Payson UT
Nancy Carlson, Riverton, UT
Leisel Harris-Boundy, San Francisco, CA
Emily Hatch, Salt Lake City , UT
Karen Raines Keller, Bainbridge Island, WA
Suzi Haynes, Salt Lake City, UT
Michelle Clawson, North Las Vegas, NV
Anne Tohmaz, Phoenix, AZ
Kristy Finlayson, Alpine, UT
Kimberly O'Leary, Sandy, UT
Shannon Burnett, Louisville, KY
Janice Jones, Heber, UT
Alysa Revell, Farmington, UT
Betty Raines Taylorsville, UT
Nancy Turley, Phoenix, AZ
Nancy Marsh Jackson, MS
Sheri Anderson Manchester, CT
Kimberlin Correa, Murray, UT
Wendy Clements Troy, MI
Carina Young, Harrisonburg, VA
Nina Prytz Aguilar, Colorado Springs, CO
Kathleen D. Lenz, Chandler Heights, AZ
Anne Banks, Salt Lake City, UT
Tracee Sioux, East Texas
Soraya M. Coomans, Salt Lake City, UT
Laura Heslop, Indianapolis, IN
Barbara Hart Dixon, Lafayette, IN
Shelley Koch, Owings Mills, MD
Dana Bischof, Vientiane, Laos
Sandra Brinkerhoff, Montezuma, KS
Edythe Hunt, Greensboro NC
Andrea Alexander, Holliston, MA
Whitney Nelson, Orem, UT
Hope E. Lukens, Bloomington, IN
Angela Butler, Kaysville, UT
Lucero Adreana Sumner Smith, Irvine, CA
Elisabeth Sandberg, Albany, CA
Celenea Mitchell, Battleground, WA
Michelle Carter, Minersville, UT
Amy Gazaway, Lehi, UT
Liz Kefauver, Logan, UT
Gail Turley Houston, Cedar Crest, NM
Thelma Young, Washington DC
Barbara Christiansen, Cambridge, MA
Cassie M. Salt, Salt Lake City, UT
Katherine Adams, Fresno, CA
Rachel Ebert Kelley, Canton, MI
Denae Athay, Oklahoma City, OK
Anne Castleton, Alexandria, VA
Quimby Masters, Victoria, Australia
Jennifer Reed, Salt Lake City, UT
Carey Pickens, Everett, WA
Joanne Scott, Woodend Beach, New Zealand
Lyndsey Leech, Forest, VA

Camie Ruden, McMinnville, OR
Denise Lanier, Fresno, CA
Kelly Andersen, Laguna Niguel, CA
Scarlett Banister, Clovis, NM
Karen Peterson, Logan, UT
Zan Burningham, North Logan, UT
Sylvia A. Barney, Bellevue, WA
Chelsi Johnston; Logan, UT
Liz Sanders-Funk, Keller, TX
Amber Johnstone, Sydney, Australia
Sherrie Morreall, Sydney, NSW Australia
Tana Hogan. Kennewick, WA
Joanne Manning, Henderson, NV
Jennifer LaRose - Whitehall, PA
Tamara Springer, Draper, UT
Kristen Stittsworth, Fort Hood, TX
Susana Perez Borda, Ogden UT
Sonia Q. Thomas, Salt Lake City, UT
Christine A. Evans,  Salem, OH
Stacey Brewer, Wichita, KS
Jen Smyers, Washington, DC
Marcia E.Ulloa, Fairport, NY
Ludean Jensen, Salt Lake City, UT
Tiffany Vogel, Rochester, NY
Taryn Nelson-Seawright, Chicago, IL
Barbara Leavitt,  Naples, FL
Kynthia Taylor, Medford, MA
Sarah Berry, Salt Lake City, UT
Angelica Leroy, Fort Lewis, WA
Rebecca Wilcox, Dallas, TX
Samantha Smith, Midvale, UT
Yve Alexandra Ruiz, MD, Royal Oak, MI
Martine Green, Wayne, PA
Lynda Taylor, Venice, CA
Lisa Van Orman Hadley, Somerville, MA
Sheryl Olsen, Orem, UT
Liz Maurer, Logan UT
Tracy A. Spaulding, Logan, UT
Pamela Camacho, Hillsboro, OR
Polly Anna Burnette-Egan, Northville, MI
Hillary Hunt, Lehi, UT
Tanisha Waggoner, Sanger, CA
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Jennifer Alderks, Seattle, WA

Jill Sessions, Kansas City MO
Marianne Boydell, Vail, AZ
Heather Crozier, Eagle Mountain, UT
Eva Allan, New Haven, CT
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Dee Johnson, Glendale, AZ
Cassandra M. Scheerer, Boseman, MT
Elisa Anne Koler, Seattle, WA
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Licia Ogden Bailey, San Tan Valley, AZ
Analynn Berry, Saint George UT

Catherine Roebuck, Alexander City, AL

Jen Stockett, Nephi, UT

Jacqueline White, Longmeadow, MA
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Mina Lyn Hansen � South Jordan, UT
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Melanie Snell, Alameda CA
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Marnie E. Leavitt, Ann Arbor, MI
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Julianne Thornley Largent, Phoenix, AZ
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Pennye Houston, Millington, TN
Camilla Albino Montoya, Brownsville, TX
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Vickie Linegar, Greensboro, NC
Katy Shoemaker, Logan, UT
Susan Caldwell, MD, East Lansing, MI
Joanna Brooks, San Diego, CA
Amy Meldau-Morrison, Charlottesville, VA
Robyn Maughan, West Jordan, UT
Melissa Ebert Urry, San Marcos, CA
Gwen Dutcher, Mapleton, UT
Susan Griffin, Roseville, CA
Mary Ellen Greenwood, American Fork, UT
Kristi Reed, Las Vegas, NV
Krystal Owen, Hanau, Germany
Rondell Merrill, Wheeling, IL
Marina Larson, Idaho Falls, ID
Jessica Griffin Anderson, Provo, UT
Esther M. Hobbs, Seaside, CA
Susan McMurray, Dallas, TX
Kimberlee Staking, Concord CA
Natalie Wardel, San Diego, CA
Katie McNeil, New York, NY
Stacey Bartholomew,  Corvallis, OR
Becky Andrews, Bountiful, Utah
Dawn Graf, Ramstein, Germany
Elizabeth Hoard Schulenburg, Des Moines, IA
Marci Williams, Ridgeland, MS
C. J. Warburton, Paradise, UT
Elisabeth Shumway, Dugway, UT

Angela Sanderson, Laie, Hawaii
Lauren S. Parks, Washington, DC and Tysons Corner, VA
Brandi Strong Hanover, CA
Janice Sales, Fresno, CA
Leslie Carter, Seattle, WA
Victoria McKee, Boise, ID
Nora Bangerter, Ogden, UT
Mikayla A.Pratt, San Jose, CA
Kendahl Millecam, Tempe, AZ
Mai-Liis Gilde, Moss, Norway
Margaret Toscano, Salt Lake City, UT
Leslie Oliphant, Rexburg, ID
Peggy Lambert, Draper, UT
Gretchen Wiltbank, American Fork, UT
Justine Frank, Hamilton, NJ
Rachael Lauritzen, Salt Lake City, UT
Trissa Fonnesbeck, Farmington, UT
J C Merrill, South Jordan, UT
Lanette Graves, Clifton, VA
Hilary Dalton-Zander, Cedar City, UT
Denise Dillman-Crump, Lindon, UT
Lise Lotte Margarethesdatter, Almenningen, Norway
Kathy Oberst, Hanford, CA
Nancy Crawley, Provo, UT
Heidi Fischio-Brewer, Salt Lake City, UT
Kelly Frome, Las Vegas, NV
Sunara Agee, Sydney, Australia
Dorene Taylor, Castle Rock, CO
Michele Cryer Nelson, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Kori Henrie, Portland, OR
Jennifer Livingston, Houston, TX
Krisanne Hastings, Portland, OR
Chelsea Shields Strayer, Baltimore, MD
Janee Pousson, Mesa, AZ
Christine Stephenson, Nampa, ID

Kim Sandrock, Sandy, UT
Alecia Harris, Meridian, ID
Tauna Ireland, Martin, SD
Candace Baker VanSciver Foyt, San Francisco, CA
Annie Brantley, Salt Lake City, UT
Helen Bengtson, Los Angeles, CA

Sara Ann Larson, Salem, OR

Randi Fielding, San Tan Valley, AZ

Donna Morton, Delta BC, CA

Miri Gifford Shorten, Wylie, TX

Amber Belue Boulder City, NV
Andrea Alexander, Windham, NH
Megan Chase, Provo, UT
Elissa Hardy-Schafer, Newcastle-under-Lyme, England
Kathy Datsko  Loveland, Colorado
DeAnn Dykes, Longmont, CO
Laura Margaret Phipps, Auburn, CA
Amy Rasmussen, Holladay, Utah
Michelle Slack, San Diego CA
Sarah Bringhurst Familia, Deltona, FL
Margaret D. Moore, Arlington, MA
Gina M Colvin, Christchurch, New Zealand
Jamie Johnson, Chandler, AZ
Wendy Kauer McAtee, Phoenix, AZ
Sharon Ockey Beecroft Orem, UT
Rebecca Timmons; Vancouver, WA
Melody Jackman, Oregon
Sara Long, Portland, OR
Roseanna Hopper, Provo UT

Rahel Elisabeth Ringger, Pittsburgh, PA
Brooke Lee, Cambridge, MA
Tracy Franklin Pace, Logan, UT
Debra Brown Gordy, Tyler, TX
Ann Johnson, Salt Lake City, UT
Laura Pennock, Bountiful, Utah
Marion Fust Sæternes, Namsos, Norway
Amanda Farr Knickerbocker, San Diego, CA
Lauren Parker, Unstated
Krystal Alston, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada
Kate Burton, Vancouver, Washington
Amy G. Chamberlain, Saratoga Springs UT
Sally Calkins Jex, Lathrop, CA
Kenra Brewer, Gig Harbor, WA
Tamlyn B. Heaton, USA
Susan Taylor Hansen, Portsmouth, Va
Massiel Elba Olivo Velez, White Plains, NY

Men Who Support What Women Know

John Dehlin, Logan, UT
Robert Baumgardner, Ukiah, CA
William D. Russell, Lamoni, IA
Michael Stevens, McAllen, TX
Richard C. Russell, Taylorsville, UT
Richard "Doc" Fuller, Chandler, AZ
Sam Cohen, Winston-Salem, NC
Mark England, Salt Lake City, UT
Michael Gaisford, Watertown, MA
Eric Gardner, Sanger, CA
James Gilbride, Riverton, UT
Nathan Raeburn Kennard, Salt Lake City, UT
Samuel Lopez Alcala, Madrid, Spain
Brandon Brown, Heidelberg, Germany
Brent Case, Page, AZ
Alan Christensen, Charlotte, NC
Robert Davis, St. Louis, MO
John de Rosier, Albany, NY
Samuel L. Flyinghorse, Anchorage, AK
David Q. Kelly, Plano, TX
Seth Knight, Birmingham, AL
Trevor Stacy Luke, Tallahassee, FL
Grant Morgan, West Jordan, UT
Mike Nelson, Riverton, UT
Michael Nielsen, Brooklet, GA
Randall C. Allen Cedar City, UT
Jeff Anderson, Salt Lake City, UT
Clair Barrus, Draper, UT
Joshua Brinkerhoff, Salt Lake City, UT
Steve Cracroft, Logan, UT
Chad L. Dansie, Winchester, VA
Marcello Jun de Oliveira, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mark Dearden, San Diego, CA
Steve Gaskill, South Weber, UT
Kerry Hales, Sierra Vista, AZ
Justin Hileman, Castle Rock, CO
Andrew West, Salt Lake City, UT
John C. Wakefield, Hong Kong
Scott S. Yaeger, Gunnison, UT
Robert Shiveley, Portland, OR
Kristopher Bluth, Eugene, OR
John Mendenhall, Orem, UT
Steve Tyler, Provo, UT
Christian K. Anderson, Columbia, SC
Leonard J. Bosinsky, Upland, CA
Stephen Owens, Salt Lake City, UT
Rich McCue, Victoria, BC, Canada
Samuel Nephi Vetter, Salt Lake City, UT
Rodney H. Holland Novato, CA
Duncan Calder Burnaby, BC, Canada
Michael Lee, North Salt Lake, UT
Justin Halverson, University Park, PA
Adam Laughton, Durham, NC
Andrew Wright, Apache Junction, AZ
Jason Cushing, Salt Lake City, UT
Michael J. O'Connell, Sammamish, WA
Eric Palmatier, Orem, UT
Kip Clark, Springville, UT
Randall Hagen, Ellicott City, MD
George Fisher, Centerville, UT
Devery Anderson, Salt Lake City, UT
Brett McKay, Tulsa, OK
Judd Nielsen, Centerville, UT
Pål Anders Gjærum, Oslo, Norway
Todd Swensen, Mapleton, UT
Perry L. Porter, Orem, UT
Scott Allgier, Salt Lake City, UT
Eric Darsow, Rochester, MN
Jared Montoya, Brownsville, TX
Harry A. Turner, Portola Valley, CA
John Bjerregaard, South Weber, UT
Jacob Schaub, Kent, OH
Jason Buccellato, Lake Orion, MI
Michael Golden, Gilbert, AZ
Ken W. Clark, Moscow, ID
Charles Perschon, Provo, UT
William Hanson Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England
Brett Wilcox, Sitka, AK
David Farnworth, Orem, Utah
Lee Paul Burningham, North Logan, UT
Edward Viveiros, Jr.  Abington, MA
João António Joaquim Pinto, Ponta Delgada, Portugal
Jeremy Schulenburg, Des Moines, IA
Keyvan Vasefi, Provo, UT
Peter Bleakley, Erith, England, UK
Joe Caudell, Provo, UT
Arnold Loveridge, Carmichael, CA
Joe Vogel, Rochester, NY
Hala L. Afu Jr, Provo, UT
Mike Parsons, Albuquerque, NM
Rand Denny, Venice, CA
John Maurer, Logan UT
Joe Taylor, Sandy, UT
Mark Albrecht, Draper, UT
Douglas B. McAllister M.D.  Park City, UT 
Ed Bliss, Lompoc, CA
Tyler Walters, Eden, UT
Jacob Newman, Salt Lake City, UT
Brad Carmack, Mission Viejo, CA
Christopher Taylor, Provo, UT
Kufre Ekpenyong Provo, UT
Richard Redick, Kennewick, WA
Thomas Gappmayer, Kathmandu Nepal
Ron F. R. Conifere, Farmington, UT
Enrique Soto, West Jordan, UT
Austin Hollenbaugh, Provo, UT
Sage Turk, Salt Lake City, UT
F R Rick Duran, Winnetka, IL 
James Gracey, Osaka, Japan
Tiffany Hollibaugh, Apache Junction, AZ

John Dewey Remy, Irvine, CA
David Westwood, Columbus, OH
Nolan Mecham, Walnut Creek, CA
Jeffrey Needle, Chula Vista, CA
David Sigmon, Lawrence, KS
John Larsen, Layton, UT
Jeff Latta, San Jose, CA
Kim McCall, Menlo Park, CA
Doug Miller, Houston, TX
Bob Rundquist, Northridge, CA
Don L. Schultz, Thurmont, MD
Daine Richard Stevens, Provo, UT
Scott Tracy, Pleasant Grove, UT
J. Todd Ormsbee, San Francisco, CA
Clay Painter, Laramie, WY
G. Don Penrose, Concord, CA
Craig Rawlings, Tallinn, Estonia
Eric Söderlund, Dallas TX
Ken Spaulding, Redlands, CA
Jason Steffen, Kingman, AZ
Matt Thurston, Corona, CA
Clinton Timmerman, West Des Moines, IA
Dean Werner, Gilbert, AZ
A Joseph West, Jr., Salt Lake City, UT
Gary Alan Williams, Salmon, ID
Kevin Wooton, Yuba County, CA
Fred Holman, Monroe, WA
Mark L. Huffaker, Portland, OR
Steven Kendall, Centralia, WA
Devin Larsen, Salt Lake City, UT
Ron Martin, San Diego, CA
Russ McKell, American Fork, UT
Chris Wignall, San Diego, CA
Jared Mendenhall, Salt Lake City, UT
Guy Parker, Mission, BC Canada
Riley Ridd-Archibald, Salt Lake City, UT
Mark Roberts, Indianapolis, IN
Travis Stratford, New York, NY
Ben Torgesen, Cary, NC
Stephen Wellington, Norwich, England
Brent Allsop, Sandy, UT
Thomas Morrison, Bracknell, Berkshire, England
Chuck Davidson, Salt Lake City, UT
Trent Cutler, Boise, ID
Bert Ankrom, Salt Lake City, UT
Matthew Leavitt, Clatskanie, OR
Dennis M. Goldsberry, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Stanley C. Ray, Bakersfield, CA
Jonathan Blake, Las Vegas, NV
Marc Jenks, Las Vegas, NV
Phillip Loosli, Washington, DC
Erik Bates, Logan, UT
Dan Lauritzen, Salt Lake City, UT
Nathan Clarke, Rochester, MN
David E. Benton II, Gilbert, AZ
Seyed A. Nezarinia, Salt Lake City, UT
Matthew Dean Jennings, Salt Lake City, UT
John P. Hatch, Salt Lake City, UT
Ryan Woodings, Boise, ID
John A. White, Salt Lake City, UT
Ash Clark, Memphis, TN
Ben West, San Diego, CA
Eric Taylor, American Fork, UT
Joseph Otterstrom, Delta, UT
Loyd Ericson, Orem, UT
Mark Evenson, San Jose, CA
Jack J. Waters, Pleasant Grove, UT
Keith Russell, Springville, UT
Douglas Hunter, Pasadena, CA
Rev. Martin W. Eldred, Eagle River, AK
Andrew Barnard, Logan UT
Dennis Eddington, Bountiful, UT
Daniel Swearingen, Fresno, CA
Michael Linford, Logan, UT
Matthew Isom, Salem, OR
Benjamin Owen, Hanau, Germany
John Scott, Woodend Beach, New Zealand
Michael Farnworth, Rexburg, ID
Jeremy Christiansen, Salt Lake City, UT
Kim Benworth Staking, Fort Collins, CO
Brett Aurich, Anchorage, AK
Daniel Henderson, D.D.S., Lubbock, TX
Jake Beckstrand, Salt Lake City, UT
John Wilcox, Tempe, AZ
Guy Parker, Mission, B.C., Canada
Charles Palmer/ Farmington, NM
Larry Christensen, San Diego, CA
Lincoln Cannon, Orem, UT
Stephen D. Fonnesbeck, Pocomoke City, MD
Jared Green, Las Vegas, NV
Andrew D. Callahan, Hastings, NE
Milton A. Chavez Jr., Fort Wayne, IN
Davey Morrison, Provo, UT
Ash Johnsdottir  Provo, UT
Steve Park, West Jordan, UT
Mark W. Wiseman Prof. of Psychology, LPC, Nampa, ID
Taylor Matt Waddel, Provo, UT
Kevin Kennedy, Coppell, TX
Joe Steve Swick III, Redmond, WA
Michael Johnson, Provo, UT
Chip Merrill, Durham NC
Scott Holley, Mount Vernon, WA
David Hatch, Holladay, UT
Edward Jones III, Washington DC
Ken Taylor, Los Angeles, CA
Barry Groesser, Elgin IL
Ben Linford, Ogden, UT
Charlie R. Lambert, Goodyear, AZ

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