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1. Allow women to conduct all-member meetings. An easy way to do this would be to organize Sacrament meeting committees. Comprised of both of men and women, the committee would rotate members to schedule and conduct the sacrament meeting program. While conducting the meeting may not seem to be a significant role, it increases women's visibility and signals to young woman that they too can be leaders.

2. Get all the men off the stage. Why do we need to have any male with a title on the stage? Do we really need three to six men up there? Do we really need anybody up there who isn't speaking? I used to think the Bishopric members' wives should be with them. But why? We are a church that doesn't believe in glorifying other members. Why so much visibility every week for a select few? Speakers only on stage.

3. Gender neutralize all leadership callings unrelated to Priesthood and Relief Society meetings. I'm talking about Sunday School President, Ward Clerk, Ward Mission Leader, etc. Callings specific to Singles Wards do a better job at this. As a single woman I was the Chair of singles conferences, area activities, Family Home Evening, etc. I actually had leadership callings where I presided over adult males. I would dare say I had more meaningful leadership opportunities as a single member than as a married one.

4. Balance out male and female speakers. This would be great for every Sunday, but especially for more significant meetings (i.e., Ward and Stake Conference). Nothing irritates me more than when we have a conference that's supposed to represent a large community and three men speak and maybe one woman. Also, do we really need every member of a presidency to speak? Give someone else a turn.


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