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Sitting in the cockpit of an online casino can sometimes be a daunting experience, especially when your well-earned money is involved. They are far from being off the boil, however.

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Amazon says it invests significant resources into protecting the integrity of its reviews, using teams of investigators and technology to detect and prevent inauthentic posts. It says it has clear rules for reviewers and sellers, and will "suspend, ban and take legal action on those who violate policies". Where possible, filter your search for verified reviews (this means the reviewer bought the item or service). But remember to also treat this with caution – sometimes a consumer may have been refunded for a product they bought in return for a positive review.

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If you need some wagering ideas, the Circa Sports Book includes a broadcast studio for the Vegas Stats and Information Network (VSiN). On top of their traditional sportsbook, the Circa Resort ups the ante on sports viewing paradise by creating the three-story, 4,000-person Stadium Swim amphitheater.

Pornhub pays out 80% (-/+) pf the ad revenue on each video you post. Your earnings are based on the views of your videos multiplied by the ad rate, and the ad rate is calculated on the performance of the ads around your videos (how often they are clicked, etc). Be consistent and patient.

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